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We currently offer several programs to fit your entertainment needs.  Find the one that works best for you and contact us for more information.

Bob Marshall   Solo Performance

For over forty years Bob has been a solo performer, entertaining in smaller, more intimate venues that cater to the "sit and listen" kind of crowds.  Bringing a mix of contemporary western sounds, originals and a few surprises mixed in, Bob's music and personality is home grown to pull the audience into a personal experience with an entertainer who knows how it is done.

+  Small listening rooms

+  House Concerts

+  Storytelling events


The Bob Marshall Band

Since 2014, The Bob Marshall Band has been delivering it's special brand of Country-Western Music that has been called "Cowboy Country" or "Cowboy Rock and Roll".  Imagine a mix of an old time cattle drive, with the musical drive of  The Rolling Stones.  It is a fun, high energy performance that is guaranteed to get people tapping their toes or dancing in the aisles!

Bob and Darren.jpg

+   Concerts

+   Festivals

+   Larger Dance Venues

+   Corporate Entertainment

"Thank you for a great performance!"  Clay Township Parks & Recreation

"Last nights performance by the Bob Marshall Band at the Almont Music in the Park concert was sensational! Bob has surrounded himself with outstanding, experienced musicians that bring out the best in his music, and his storytelling allows his audience to participate and feel as if they themselves were a part of the story, a rare gift indeed! Listen to his hit "SCREENDOOR" and you will hear what I am talking about!" 

Gary Peltier,  Almont Concert in the Park Series

"You guys were great!!"    Ignited Light and Sound,  City of Warren

"Bob was a crowd pleaser.  The band is pure country and we loved having them here."   Brandon Township September-Fest

"The Bob Marshall Band exceeded all expectations of a country music band and put on an awesome show covering various music genre as well as throwing in colorful stories along the way.  We will definitely be getting the band back next year."   Evart Mainstreet Fall Festival

"To anyone that is looking for a down-to-earth band, I would highly recommend the Bob Marshall band.  They play a variety of songs,  so there is something for everyone.   My favorite, though,  has to be when Bob sings "The Dance". He truly does that song, and all the other songs justice."    Edna Burton Center

The Bob Marshall Band "Light"

The Bob Marshall Band "Light" is ideal for venues that may want a little bit more "umph" than a more traditional solo show, but may not be quite right for a full band experience including drums.  "Light" will include Bob, a bass player and either a lead guitar player or a dobro player.  It is a nice mix of the intimate sounds with the fuller band experience.

+   Larger Listening Room Venues

+   Folk Festivals

+   Fall Festivals

+   Apple Orchard Venues

+   Farmers Markets

A Chuck Wagon Extravaganza!

Ask any working cowboy what the best part of the day is and he is sure to say, "When the day work is done, and 'cookie' dishes out his chuck wagon grub!"  A good hearty meal was followed by an evening of music, telling lies and bragging.  Our "cookie" ("cocinero" if you are a vaquero) is the real deal, complete with an authentic, fully operational chuck wagon!  This is PERFECT for corporate events and team building after glows.  Do you have a special civic group fundraiser to plan for?  An evening of chuck wagon food, followed by Cowboy Country music is a sure bet to bring in the people, and make a lasting impression.

+    Corporate Entertainment

+    Team Building "Afterglows"

+    Rodeos

+    Horse Shows

+    Heritage Festivals


"I'm Retired.  Not Expired!"

(An Old Cowboy's Journey to Avoid the Mundane and Remain Relevant)

Put Away That Rocking Chair

A one man show/one man theater, reminiscent of Garrison Keillor and Baxter Black.


If you are looking for an ideal presentation to inspire young adults, senior citizens, people looking to explore new horizons, or inspire your corporate leaders and rank and file, look no further.


Bob Marshall is a nationally known, award winning Country artist, singer/songwriter.  His resume looks like a laundry list of every boyhood dream job.  Police Officer, Firefighter, Rodeo Athlete, College Professor, Horse Trainer, Singer/Songwriter, and more.


Bob brings his lifetime of experiences to his audience in order to motivate them to keep moving, keep thriving, and keep diving for their inner “better angel”.  Not only will Bob motivate audiences to look for avenues of creativity, and relevancy, he will also provide ideas where the audience can pursue their new found interests and goals.


Using music, cowboy poetry, comedy, and storytelling, Bob will not only entertain, but give food for thought as to where the listener can begin to pursue their new found enthusiasm for life’s adventures.


Give us a call and let’s talk over the details of this wonderful senior programing.

rocking chair.jpg

+ A motivational presentation

+ Young adults looking to their future endevours

+ Ideal for Senior Citizens and those in the "New Sixties"

+ Perfect for groups contemplating retirement or new horizons

+ Corporate events

+ For those looking to find new meaning in their lives

Program Revues:

“He was a great storyteller—it was an interesting program.”

“Very interesting presentation. Speaker is a wonderful musician with a great voice. Very engaging speaker/entertainer.”

“The presenter was a very talented storyteller and quite a musician. I know no one who has such a varied background from which to share a truthful philosophy.”


Management/Booking/Publishing - Lori Tesch
Tel: (989) 714-1898
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