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The Bob Marshall Band is a mix of eclectic musicians who have been performing collectively for over 200 years!  That is a TON of experience on one stage.  

Bob Marshall

Bob's mother always played the popular Italian singers of her day on the old stereo system.  Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Perry Como, Dean Martin, and others, filled the house. Bob's father listened to Marty Robbins and Burl Ives.  Growing up Bob loved Motown, the blues greats, rock and roll and the singer songwriters.  These early years explain why Bob has such an eclectic taste in musical styles.

Bob has rodeo'ed professionally for 30 years, raised and trained horses, and still runs a horse training and boarding facility to this day.


Dave "The Monster" Duncan

Providing a dead steady, and precise metronome-like beat, Dave has been a sought- after drummer for various groups.  We truly are honored to have Dave in the group.  In addition to his drumming skills, Dave possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of popular music.  If you have the opportunity to bet on Dave to win a musical Trivial Pursuit game, DO IT!


Tom Waugh

Tom is a multi-instrumentalist who seems to prefer playing his amazing bass runs on a 5 string Fender Jazz Bass.  Tom has an amazing "ear" and always finds just the right things to play to really bring out the best in a song.  Tom spent many years as a touring musician with some big names in the music industry.  We are thrilled he has hitched himself to our musical wagon.


Ron Ellman

Sometimes a missing ingredient is added to a great recipe and you realize that it should have been added long ago.  Ron is that element.  An outstanding live performer and studio player, Ron plays fiddle and mandolin and never fails to add just the "right ingredient" to the recipe that is the Bob Marshall Band. Ron has performed with stars such as Merle Haggard, Johnny Paycheck and Hank Williams Junior. Mixing country/jazz/Celtic sounds, Ron is also a well versed studio musician and can be heard on several projects such as radio and TV commercials such as Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Stratus.

Collectively the band has been performing together since 2014.  One of these days we just might open up a rehearsal session to the public so that everyone can see how music is supposed to be played.  The guys all have fun, poking fun at each other, cracking jokes (not all of them GOOD jokes) and are just happy to be having fun, doing what they love to do.

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