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I'm excited to announce that my next album, "That's the Way It Should Be"

Will be released in February 2020.  The final vocals are completed, and it now has to be given a final mix and then Mastering.  It's gonna be a "good'un"! 

Bob Marshall's "Screen Door"

wins the 2019 CMA of Texas

"Country/Western Album of the Year"


Bob Marshall Band has been listed in the
2018-2021 Touring Directory for the
Michigan Humanities Council.
August 6, 2018

The Bob Marshall Band is excited to announce that they have been added to the 2018-2021 Michigan Humanities Council Touring Directory.  This is a judged process that includes the best entertainment and performers that Michigan has to offer.  Grants, up to 40% off the performance fees, are available to qualifying schools, municipalities, and non-profit organizations.  This not only takes the guess work out of selecting quality entertainment, but also stretches your organization's entertainment budget.

Bob Marshall is nominated for the 2018 PCCAA
"Songwriter of the Year"
July 23, 2018

Bob has been nominated for the Professional Country Cowboy Artist Associations "2018 Songwriter of the Year".  The Awards Ceremony will be on October 13, 2018 in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

We are excited to announce that Bob Marshall was awarded the prestigious Will Rogers Award, by the Academy of Western Artists, for the 2017 "Male Vocalist of the Year".  The Awards Banquet was held in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Bob Marshall named AWA 2017
"Male Vocalist of the Year"

Bob has been nominated for "Outstanding Vocalist"

by the Holland Red Carpet International Awards.  Thank you European friends!